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Video Vote: YOU DECIDED !

Each of the AS Media groups nominated one or two videos made during the year to go forward to a compilation DVD for all classes to view. Each member of each class then had up to three votes for the video which they thought was best from the selection. Students were not allowed to vote for their own class' videos.

the result:

10th Phillipe's Travelling Box 24
7th Maths house 25
7th Dark Minds 25
7th The Exchange25
6th Distant Memories 26
5th Fall from Grace 28
4th Abduction 33
2nd Final Cut 38
2nd Full House38
1st Rayner School Cop 66

Well done to all the entries and congratulations to the group who made Rayner.
several videos will be shown at the student award evening on July 6th and the Rayner group will receive their prize at the July 12 Picturehouse show.

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