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Critical research exam answers

How to organise your answers for the Critical research exam


Precisely what was your focus ?
Why did you choose the topic ?
Either cover primary research first in totality or secondary
For each method used, outline your approach, the method, one or two concrete examples and then evaluate the material found and the method used
Overall you should be using at least eight paragraphs in Q1: intro, some kind of conclusion and six methods each with method, example and evaluation
Your booklet should enable you to do quite well on this question
All referencing should be thorough and complete
Leave a clear line between each paragraph to aid readability


This question asks you to relate your specific focus to the broader topic
You should NOT repeat points already made in Q.1
Q.2 is more critical and theoretical in relation to FINDINGS
There should be a sense of ARGUMENT in this answer
Don’t worry if you don’t do too well in the first mock on this one
Your answer should ideally move systematically through the debates about your topic area and address your FOCUS question or title
Again you should be looking for up to eight paragraphs including intro and conclusion, each with examples and explanations to support points

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