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Ten Key Video game terms

Avatar - The computer game character controlled by the player, the player's representative and representation within the game world.

Game world - the settings and locations within the game

Genre - The type of videogame being played (you should have a list of 10 different types from your notes)

Action - term used to describe either the avatars actions within the game or your actions outside of the game

Graphics - the term used to describe how a game looks, it may have realistic or cartoon like graphics

Intertextuality - this is when one text refers to another already existing text (like the game of the film)

Representation - representations are important in videogames, how are the characters represented?

Valued outcomes - all videogames need some form of valued outcomes in order for people to play them. This may be gaining a high score or a perfect game or even completing a level or mission.

Conflict - this term is used to describe what is happening within the videogame, it is important to understand that conflict can be represented through graphics, sound effects and avatar actions. Competition cannot be represented in this way!

Competition - this term is used to describe the competition between you, the player and the videogame. Competition can also take place between players or in some games you can compete against yourself for new high scores. It cannot be physically represented within a videogame!

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