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Hopefully our introduction to new media technologies has got people interested and at times excited over the last week or so; the time is fast approaching for turning the material you've been looking at into practice exam essays- so here's some tips.

1. You need a good intro which addresses the question set
2. You need to try to integrate your experience of the new technologies with wider issues and points about them
3. You need to be systematic about organising your points
4. You need to back points up with examples
5. You need to draw some kind of conclusion

Read the definitions of blogging and podcasting on our main site.
Make some notes on the issues surrounding MP3s- for and against
Try to write a paragraph explaining about the likely future of the EyeToy
Read Bill Thompson's main points again on his site
Read some of the posts on the Robert Smyth site
Read Gavin Luhrs' new tech articles in Media mag

Later in the week: a sample new tech essay using podacsts and blogging as examples

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