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Media re-sits Tuesday

The re-sits for Media are on Tues 17 Jan (pm)
What you can do to prepare...

2731 Textual Analysis: watch Action sequences and make notes on the five areas to analyse- Sound, FX, Editing, Camera, Mise-en-scene. watch 'making of' extras on DVDs for background on how fx are achieved. Do some practice writing to time.

Video games- choose two games to write about . Pick games with clear characters and structures, not sports or racing games as there is not so much you can easily write about. GTA is ideal ! Click on barney's games blog link opposite for more useful stuff and go to the AS section of our main longroadmedia site.

2732 New tech: go to the BBC site and read about what is happening with new technologies. Read through some of Bill Thompson's old columns. Remember that for this exam you need to read a passage and answer several short questions, then do a sort of mini-essay before writing a full half hour essay. Practice will help immensely ! Two pages minimum for Q.3 or 4 ! Check out more of the links below for up to date material.

For all areas use our main site and find the relevant pages

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Histon FC

We are currently working on a new project making links with the rising stars of Conference South, Histon F.C.

see the next post...

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Histon FC are looking for students to help with programme writing, website work, taking photos and even shooting video on matchdays. If you are interested, contact Gill Hamilton, who works in the Long road office:

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animation with iStopMotion

Have a look at these websites:
for examples of lego animation with iStopMotion and
from the main iStopMotion site for a variety of possibilities with the program

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