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Media re-sits Tuesday

The re-sits for Media are on Tues 17 Jan (pm)
What you can do to prepare...

2731 Textual Analysis: watch Action sequences and make notes on the five areas to analyse- Sound, FX, Editing, Camera, Mise-en-scene. watch 'making of' extras on DVDs for background on how fx are achieved. Do some practice writing to time.

Video games- choose two games to write about . Pick games with clear characters and structures, not sports or racing games as there is not so much you can easily write about. GTA is ideal ! Click on barney's games blog link opposite for more useful stuff and go to the AS section of our main longroadmedia site.

2732 New tech: go to the BBC site and read about what is happening with new technologies. Read through some of Bill Thompson's old columns. Remember that for this exam you need to read a passage and answer several short questions, then do a sort of mini-essay before writing a full half hour essay. Practice will help immensely ! Two pages minimum for Q.3 or 4 ! Check out more of the links below for up to date material.

For all areas use our main site and find the relevant pages

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