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Defending Media Studies

There have been a lot of sneering comments in the Media over the summer claiming Media Studies is an 'easy' or 'soft'A level. This article on the BBC site offers a good defence of Media Studies. Look also at the previous posting on exam results to see how the Long Road results compare with the national averages.

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Congratulations !

The A level results are out and here's a summary of the Long Road Media and Film scores

A level Media: A47 B78 C43 D15 E6 U1
A level Film: A13 B23 C17 D6 E0 U0
AS Media: A63 B87 C68 D17 E2 U3
AS Film: A13 B43 C31 D5 E0 U0

Best ever results ! Well done everybody and congratulations from your teachers.

How do the Media results compare with the national stats ?

AS: grade A nationallly: 13.7% Long Road: 26%
A2: grade A nationally: 12% Long Road: 25%

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iJournalism ?

A new concept ? The idea of Citizen journalism in the UK has really taken off as a result of the London bombings as people posted their photos from their mobiles to sites like the BBC. Read an interesting article about it here and on the ethics of these images here

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